Somalia crisis support to improve case management in Somalia as cases soar

在线观看|影视免费观看vip20 May 2020 – Somalia continues its fight against one of the most catastrophic outbreaks the country has ever witnessed. In spite of recurrent humanitarian emergencies, war and conflict, Somalia has successfully eradicated wild poliovirus and ended transmission of measles and cholera outbreaks in the recent past. However, the current outbreak of COVID-19 has exposed some of the gaping holes and weaknesses in its health system to fight and respond to an outbreak of this magnitude and scale where human-to-human transmission can go unabated and the potential for cases to double in a week if the health system is not able to rapidly trace, track, test and treat those infected with the virus who remain undiagnosed and undetected.


Flooding in Somalia raises concern about cholera in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak

在线观看|影视免费观看vip14 May 2020 – While Somalia deals with one of the world's biggest public health threats from COVID-19, which has so far claimed 52 lives in the country and infected 1219 people in less than 2 months, the country is also facing floods in the north that have killed 24 people and affected over 700 000 people in 24 districts. The flood has also displaced almost 283 000 people. Although all the 6 states have been affected by this flash flood, 3 states – Hirshabelle, Jubaland, Southwest and Puntland states – are worst affected. The flooding resulted from a sharp rise in the level of the Shabelle river following heavy and incessant rains in Somalia and Ethiopian highlands, which started in late April. As of 10 May, water levels reached 7.93 metres, which are 0.37 metres below the bank's full level of 8.30 metres.


Drop in cholera cases worldwide, as key endemic countries report gains in cholera control

19 December 2019 -- The number of cholera cases decreased globally by 60% in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced in a report that points to an encouraging trend in cholera prevention and control in the world’s major cholera hotspots, including Haiti, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean concludes visit to Somalia

17 September 2019 – WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean Dr Ahmed Al-Mandhari has concluded his first visit to Somalia, where he launched the country’s roadmap to universal health coverage (UHC) together with the Federal Minister of Health, and met with representatives of United Nations agencies, health leaders and partners, internally displaced Somalis, and health workers to review the health response and identify ways of strengthening WHO’s work in the country.


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