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Neglected tropical diseases: discussing the new road map’s potential to build sustainable and resilient health systems

02 July 2020 |Geneva –– The World Health Organization is hosting its second of a series of nine webinars on 8 July 2020 (14:00–15:30 CEST).
Discussions will focus on how the new NTD road map for 2021–2030 can contribute to building sustainable and resilient health systems.
Speakers will introduce the shifts envisaged by the road map and discuss the roles of donors, pharmaceutical companies and countries in ensuring the sustainability of NTD services.

Sustained decline in sleeping sickness cases puts elimination within reach

23 June 2020 | Geneva –– Countries endemic for human African trypanosomiasis, HAT (also known as sleeping sickness) continue to report fewer cases, indicating that the disease is well on course for elimination as a public health problem by the end of this year.

Latest data show only 980 cases were reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019 which include the numbers for both the rhodesiense and gambiense forms of the disease.

Neglected tropical diseases: leveraging the new NTD road map to build back from COVID-19 disruptions

19 June 2020 | Geneva –– How can we build back from disruption caused by COVID-19 to global public health programmes? Can implementation of programmes continue as in the past? What role can communities and partners play? These are some questions addressed during a webinar on 17 June 2020.
Speakers also explained how the new 2021-2030 road map for neglected tropical diseases envisages to guide countries in promoting resilience, health system strengthening and ownership of programmes.

Results of an updated analysis of trends in human African trypanosomiasis from 2000 to 2018

22 May 2020 | Geneva −− Human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness) is on the verge of elimination as a public health problem and this may happen by the end of this year.
An analysis of data for the past two decades shows how the disease, that caused devastating epidemics during the last century, was controlled through the sustained commitment of countries, dedicated health-care workers and a broad coalition of stakeholders.
The analysis is published in the latest edition of PLoS.

Eradicating dracunculiasis: 7 suspect cases with emerging worms and about 50 people under observation in Ethiopia

11 May | Geneva | Addis Ababa –– A seventh person is undergoing treatment for emerging worms at a containment centre in Ethiopia following an outbreak of dracunculiasis (guinea-worm disease) in Gambella region last month-transmission from all 7 suspect cases is being contained.

在线观看|影视免费观看vip This latest suspect case – in addition to six others initially identified with emerging worms - involves individuals from few villages sharing the same unsafe water source.

WHO Ethiopia
Active case searches of dracunculiasis are being intensified in seven villages where suspect cases were detected.

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