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WHO Newsletters

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Media distribution list

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在线观看|影视免费观看vipYou will also receive the ‘The week ahead in global health’ which is collated with the world’s media in mind. Start each week prepared with a preview of what’s on WHO’s agenda around the world.


WHO Newsletter

在线观看|影视免费观看vipWant to know more about WHO's work around the globe, health campaigns, and other efforts to improve health around the world? Sign up for our email brief for hand-picked articles, news, and more.




Health Emergency Highlights

Health Emergency Highlights contains information on the current humanitarian context, the health priorities and response operations in focus countries for that month. Each issue also highlights policy work in the area of health humanitarian action done by WHO and partners, events and thematic issues related to health in emergencies.


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Kids play electronic games on the street in Tambor, Jakarta, Indonesia.
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Digital Update

How can I find the latest COVID-19 content, guidance and must-know information from WHO?

 for a weekly digital update. What you will get: 

  • A summary filled with insightful key messages around a trending topic
  • A roundup of our most popular web and social content
  • Highlights of stories, speeches and press conferences you may have missed
  • A list of the latest guidance, including translations
  • Practical and ready to use multilingual resources