Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER)

The Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER)

The Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER) serves as an essential instrument for the rapid and accurate dissemination of epidemiological information on cases and outbreaks of diseases under the International Health Regulations and on other communicable diseases of public health importance, including emerging or re-emerging infections.

WER cover page

An electronic bilingual English/French version of the WER is accessible every Friday and can be downloaded free of charge.
For information on subscription to the printed edition, visit the WHO Periodicals site在线观看|影视免费观看vip or use the mail address: World Health Organization, WHO Press, 20 Avenue Appia, CH-1211 Geneva 27; Fax: (+4122) 791 48 57.

An e-mail subscription service exists, which provides by electronic mail the table of contents of the WER, together with other short epidemiological bulletins. To subscribe, send a message to listserv@richbrilliant.com.cn. The subject field should be left blank and the body of the message should contain only the words: subscribe wer-reh在线观看|影视免费观看vip. A request for confirmation will be sent in reply.


Issues of the WER are in Adobe™ Acrobat™ portable document format (.pdf). To view the WER, the programme is required.

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